Sunday, August 3, 2014

Peter Brown: Golden Kite Award for Picture Book Illustration

Peter Brown has won for Mr. Tiger Goes Wild! And we have all, indeed, gone wild for Peter's incredible illustrations:

Peter thanks Lin for all of the drink tickets she gave him last night. Which explains a lot.

He went to school for animation not too far from where we are having the conference. Peter found halfway through school that he hated animating and couldn't figure out why, until he tried taking a children's book illustration class and realized that was what he loved because it allowed to tell his own stories. Shortly after this epiphany he found SCBWI. Peter's been a member for 15 years and loves the community of the group and the incredible bank of knowledge he's garnered from the membership resources and conference going.

Way to go, Peter!

Peter will be speaking at tomorrow's always fabulous Illustrator Intensive.
A recent photo of Peter, be sure to say hi to him!

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