Friday, August 1, 2014

Editors' Panel: Wendy Loggia

Wendy Loggia is executive editor at Delacorte Press/Random House Children's Books.

The theme for this panel is: 3 + 3: Three things your book should include and three things to avoid.

The importance of voice is top on the list for all of the editors on the panel.

For Wendy, when looking back on particular books she's worked on, a one or two sentence description might not sound all that exciting, but it's the voice of the book that draws in the reader and makes it interesting.

What should writers avoid?

Wendy shares a simple tip: make sure you have page numbers on your manuscript. If you'd like her preference, put page numbers in the bottom, right corner.

Avoid telling an editor that your kids or grandkids love your manuscript. They hear this often.

"It's wonderful when I'm partnering with someone who has a clear imagining of how they want their book to look and feel."

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