Friday, August 1, 2014

Lucia Monfried, Dinah Stevenson: Editors' Panel

Lucia Monfried is a senior editor at Dial BFYR working on picture books, chapter books, and young novels. The picture below was stolen from the Lloyd Alexander film blog, which means BESIDES EDITING JUDY SCHACHNER, LUCIA WAS ONE OF LLOYD ALEXANDER'S EDITORS!

According to a long ago talk by Linda Sue Park, Dinah Stevenson enjoys watching murder mysteries on TV and making dinner, in an alternate universe we are probably soul mates. She's ALSO the vice president and publisher of Clarion Books. The picture below was stolen from Karen Cushman's blog which means BESIDES EDITING LINDA SUE PARK AND DAVID 'THE WEEZ' WIESNER, DINAH ALSO EDITS KAREN CUSHMAN!

Lin has asked the editors on the panel to tell us three good and bad things they see in submissions. Team Blog is going to share one of each category for each editor.

Lucia's Good: The first thing I look for is originality. It is a rare quality and something I think all editors look for.

Dinah's Good: It's very important for a manuscript to have a beginning, not only an invitation into the story, but something that contains the seeds of the ending so it sets up a satisfying journey.

Lucia's Bad: Don't rely on description, show me.

Dinah's Bad: This applies not to picture books, but to fiction and non-fiction, I don't want to see 100,000 words.

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