Sunday, August 3, 2014

David Meissner: Golden Kite Award for Non-Fiction

David Meissner accepts the Golden Kite for non-fiction for Call of the Klondike!

He tells us a couple of hilarious adventure stories, first his five-day hike up the steep, 33-mile trail retracing the trek of so many hopeful goldrushers.

But after the trail hike, David's return to the towns of the Yukon coincided with him being nearly broke. At the time he had nothing but a debit card, so he did what anyone in a financial pinch would do: solicit some campers for gas money, sleep-and-nearly-dine-and-dash at a bed and breakfast, and finally, nearly gamble away his few remaining Canadian dollars at Diamond Tooth Gertie's Dancing and Gambling Hall. It all worked out in the end, David was never thrown into an Alaskan debtor's prison, and we are glad because he is here today to leave us with these four rules:

  • Don't ever give depressing acceptance speeches.

  • Don't confuse your success as a writer with your self worth.

  • Writing is like a garden hose, if you put too much pressure on it, nothing will come out.

  • Never leave your own country without a credit card.

David before he was not eaten by a grizzly bear

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