Friday, August 9, 2019

Author Panel - Lesléa Newman

Lesléa Newman is the author of more than 70 books, including Heather Has Two Mommies, and October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepherd.

Do you ever feel like you have stories in you that are lying dormant until some sort of event or news trigger you into awaking that idea? 

Lesléa wrote Gittel's Journey on purpose and in light of current events in America. As the granddaughter of immigrants who were fortunate enough to be able to come to America during WW2 fleeing a country that would have murdered them had they stayed, Lesléa felt it was an important story to share now.

"That's Gittel's Journey for me, all the family history that is for me."

Share a story about one of your young readers:

In Kentucky, after sharing her Matthew Shepherd book at an evening event, a teen male student in attendance ran across the street from the auditorium to talk to a fellow student who was working at the gas station across the street. He wanted to apologize for calling him names, for calling him "fag". The other student said, "I forgive you," and they hugged.

What's a book that matters to you? 

The Day You Begin because it's a book about feeling different and then being honest and sharing your truth, and that takes a lot of courage.

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