Saturday, August 10, 2019

Meg Medina: Storymatic—Modulating for Age Groups

Meg Medina
Winner of the 2019 Newbery Award, NY Times bestselling author Meg Medina centers her stories on girls, family and Latinx culture.

Meg shared her way of writing books has changed over ten years. She invited the audience to take what works for them and leave the rest. With that foundation, Meg guided everyone through each of her books by publication date and explained the story of each - challenges and triumphs.

When she first started in the industry, she had been advised to find an age group and "write it to death." But she couldn't do it. She led the audience through a series of considerations she undertakes with each story she develops. Telling the truth and deliberating on where the reader is their development are paramount. She shared so many exercises and questions that must be answered just based on these two considerations alone. It's no surprise why her books garner acclaim and find their way into so many readers' hearts. She thinks so much about them before she ever starts writing.

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