Friday, August 9, 2019

Darcey Rosenblatt: I Got My MFA at SCBWI

Darcey Rosenblatt is an SCBWI success story. She writes for middle grade and teenage people. Darcey is the recipient of a Crystal Kite Award and was selected to give the Crystal Kite keynote.

It took Darcey over ten years to research, write, and revise her book LOST BOYS. She got the idea in 2004. The book was published in 2017.

Darcey learned her trade within this community, and she's sure she wouldn't have a book without it. Darcey was schooled by SCBWI.

Darcey lets the room know she sat right where they are for many many years. Over the years, she got many requests for the full manuscript and she also received even more rejections. Like so many others, she was an overnight success that took 12 years.

Over the years Darcey has come to see her time with SCBWI as her MFA experience. Just like in an MFA she's been given recommended reading, words of wisdom from the amazing speakers, she's received sound advice, and learned how to take critique (even from our one and only Lin Oliver). SCBWI brought her to her cherished critique group. She recommends finding critique partners who boost you up and make you work. Finally, the SCBWI provide Darcey a community of creative collaborators.

"Touch your work every day."

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