Friday, August 9, 2019

Editors Panel: Carol Hinz

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Carol Hinz is the Editorial Director of Carolrhoda Books and Millbrook Press for Lerner Publishing. She edits picture books and middle grade nonfiction for these trade imprints.

Carol described herself as a bookish child. Although others tried to push her toward teaching, she knew she needed to find a job where she could work daily with people love books as much as she does. After some time working and studying in New York, she wanted to return home and accepted a job at Lerneran independent family owned publishing company in Minneapolis.

When asked what moves her emotionally and intellectually to say "this" is the one? She responded, "So what? Why should I care about this? Why will others care about this? The topic has to be compelling, fit the curriculum, speak to children, engage educators and work within the imprint. Above all, it has to be a book we can sell. I receive some wonderful manuscripts, but we're not the publisher for every book. That's why we have so many different publishers because we do not all have the same focus and strengths.

Enjoying a moment with Carol Hinz
before the conference begins
Carol shared two definite turn offs in submissions:

  • "I would be willing to revise." 
  • "My neighbor did the illustrations."

Carol noted that revision is a given in this business. Similarly, unless the artwork has been done by someone with an art background, a poorly illustrated book will lose the message the book wants to convey.

For more information about Carol Hinz, follow her on Twitter.

For more information about Carol, follow her on Twitter.

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