Friday, July 29, 2016

Golden Kite for Middle Grade/Young Reader: Kate Hannigan

This year's Golden Kite Award for Middle Grade/Young Readers is Kate Hannigan for THE DETECTIVE'S ASSISTANT.

"How many of you have received rejection notices?" Kate asks.

Hands shoot in the air.

Kate shares her 65 feet of rejection. With help, she rolls it out like a red carpet!

Look at that. That's how you get applause for rejection. 

Kate share that in 2004, a year into being involved with SCBWI, she started receiving notices about winning awards and receiving invitations to speak at school, when she hadn't yet published. People were confusing her, Kate Hannigan, with Katherine Hannigan. THE DETECTIVE'S ASSISTANT also came out within days of Katherine's latest book. Kate found she had to make her own mark and break through with her own voice. 

"I wrote and wrote like a pack of wolves was at my heels," Kate says.

Kate describes writing the book as "a giddy wind in a hair thrill."

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