Sunday, July 31, 2016

Caroline Arnold: Creating Eye-Catching Nonfiction for the Very Young

Caroline Arnold, author and illustrator of more than 100 books for children, shared insights to her book-making process. She began her session by recalling warm memories of her long history with the SCBW (there was no “I” when she joined). 

Arnold has illustrated many of her books with photographs. But some things are difficult to photograph and present lighting issues, she explained. For that reason, she started illustrating her books with drawings, which, she felt, made storytelling more interesting.

In her breakout session, Arnold spoke about the various types of nonfiction and informational books that she’s illustrated, and shared some things bookmakers might consider when creating stories for young readers:

A Journey from A to B
Zoom and telephoto (pulling out and zooming in to demonstrate size)

Variation on a theme

Reflect tradition from day to night.


Learn to research with a camera; your camera is a research tool!

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