Sunday, January 31, 2010

Susan Raab-What's Selling, What's Not

Susan Raab--President of Raab Associates Inc, specializing in marketing and promoting children’s books and products--has been speakng about what publishers and bookstores are looking for in children's books. After talking with people in the industry across the genres, she's come up with an extensive list of topics and predictions.

A couple of points spoke to book clubs and book fairs. But all over children’s books have held up extremely well in the face of the economy. In fact, there was even an 11% increase in hardcover sales in 2009.

Some of the things affecting publishers are changes in where and how people get their books. So now publishers are careful about what they're publishing and the kind of formats.
What I found interesting was that her predictions were that ghost and mystery stories would grow in strength, along with books for reluctant readers. Also, inspirational and spirtual books are becoming very powerful.
Authors and illustrators can help themselves by develping a relationship with book sellers. Blogging and social networking is also a great tool.
Looks like we have some writing and tweeting to do...
(write from your heart!)
-Suzanne Young

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