Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jim Benton Keynote: Final Points He Was Told to Mention

Jim asked if there was anything he should be sure to tell the audience and this is it:
  • Your editor makes you better and they are rooting for you. Don't pout.
  • Books do not platform well into licensing, the money goes to already established media/TV characters
  • Licensing only exists to engender covetousness in people
  • If you want to do it well you need to be devoted to the discipline of licensing or try to gear your book work to entertainment first. But that has some bad news/hard lessons that accompany it
  • This beats the hell out of real work
NOW Jim is doing a live drawing/story writing experiment on a big pad o' paper! So far its a cartoon/story about a platypus in love with a blender.... Wish you were here.

-- Posted by Jaime


  1. I wonder how it feels to be such a genius. Kudos to all for experiencing the joy that must've been Jim--wish I was there!

  2. He was great! If Jim wasn't so busy already he'd be my pick for a morning TV host that draws cartoons... Maybe we can start a petition to have him replace Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford on the TODAY show?

  3. I'd sign that petition! :)

    Also the one to make Libba Bray host of the Tonight Show!