Saturday, January 30, 2010

BRENDA MURRAY: The Real Deal on Nonfiction

Scholastic editor Brenda Murray edits a range of nonfiction material for young readers for a range of ages.

I wish you all were here--she's showing and passing around tons of books that she's worked on--a cookbook, a big beautiful book about spiders with amazing photos, an illustrated book about the states, a children's almanac, books of facts, 3-D series, licensed projects, biographies (like a book on President Obama), books on Greek gods and goddeses...Scholastic, it seems, has covered EVERYTHING in all sorts of formats.

Brenda can't say enough that kids love to be grossed out--so think icky, nonfiction writers (if that's your thing)! She says that they are always looking at things in the media and considering how that can be translated into a book. And kids can't get enough of books about dogs.


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