Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jacqueline Woodson's Keynote: More Amazing Moments

"It makes us better people in this world to do our art... art creates

"When I write it's not physically autobiographical, but it's emotionally
autobiographical... You have to FEEL what's happening."

"Writing across genres helps you see how it happens. ...When I'm writing
picture books, I go back and read poetry again."

and so many more...

Oh, she also recommended John Gardner's "On Becoming A Novelist."

She finishes with reading her amazing picture book "Show Way."

Everyone listens, rapt.

The space and grace and words are poetry and rhythm and voice.

What a voice. What a story.

Silence, as everyone takes it in.

Savors the taste of that story.

There's a road, girl. There's a road.

And Jacqueline, she's showing us the way.

--Posted by Lee Wind

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