Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jenn Bailey: Viral Marketing/Promotions

Jenn Bailey - Graphic Designer/Professional Blogger

(Jenn Bailey is coming! Jenn Bailey is coming!)

Lesson #1: you can’t teach viral marketing, but we can get the ground ready for a viral campaign.

Viral Marketing: We want to pass on messages; make sure people are aware of us; increase brand awareness; increase product sales; word-of mouth.

On to a bit of history ala Jenn about...

Paul Revere: He knew how to get any kind of message he needed to out there. He was a virus.

Now a tip: “People will like helping you. You just have to ask them to.”

Who are our Paul Reveres today?
Cynthea Lui - The Auction
Neil Gaiman – The Party
John Green – The Movement
Tammi Sauer & Dan Santat– The Launch

(Check 'em!)

To dos:

1. Build Community

2. Create a call to action

3. Find your community, all the people in your life. Use them.
(We know Jenn means this in the nicest of ways. Reach out and let people know what you do.)

4. The Conversation and the Love: You have to have love and passion. And you must show love and passion back to your community.

(I’m showing my love by sharing with you right now! *smile!*)

5. Rewards: reward people who are participating (sometimes it’s just a thank you or photo)

6. The Sequel: follow up with something else

You have to have the right mind set to get there.
-Be patient.
-Be a friend to get a friend.
-Know your audience.
-Be yourself – everyone else is taken.
-Have fun. It’s called social for a reason.

(Now, spread the word!)

--Posted By Jolie


  1. Great stuff!

    But please know that DAN SANTAT, is the real Paul Revere behind the Chicken Dance Movement. I'm just his trusty sidekick. :)

    -Tammi Sauer

  2. Of course he is, Tammi! Jenn did say his name too. I'll add him on. :)

    So nice to see you here.

  3. Ha! I wouldn't miss it. I've never been to a conference in my pajamas before. :)

    You all are so fantastic. Thanks for making the rest of us feel like we are right there with you.

  4. Yea Jenn and thanks, Jolie, for reporting.