Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ask the Agents: George Nicholson

George Nicholson started the panel by saying "We are in desperate times when our authors and illustrators are considered merely 'content providers.'"

A little bit of background, George began on the publishing side many years ago. As a young editor, he took part in all aspects of book production, eventually founding Delacorte and Yearling.

He transitioned to being an agent about 15 years ago just as the corporatization of publishing was starting to happen and credits his former wife for helping him make the decision:

"For heaven's sake, George, the only reason you're in this job is because you care about people."

"Have a raging sense of humor for every turn [in this business] if you can."

Some of George's clients include: Barbara Bader, Joan Bauer, Kevin Emerson, Leonard Marcus, Alice Provensen, and Susan Goldman Rubin

George says the most important thing is to be willing to reinvent yourself and be continually willing to do so. Not just your style or genre, but think about new digital platforms and media opportunities.

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