Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jane Yolen: I Still Heart Books (cont.)

On Networking:
If you have not joined SCBWI, then why not.

Why network?
-You won't make any of the mistakes that most writers and illustrators make in their lives.
-You will keep current with the who, what, where of children's literature.
-You will make very good friends in the business, on your own level and above.
-When you reach a certain a level of competence, publication, credibility-it's important to give back to the system. Pay it forward.

You must have an ability to never give up.
Jane Yolen has 20 rules. Here are a few:
-Anchor your characters with some sort of action
-B-I-C (Butt-in-Chair) and H-O-P (Heart-on the-Page)
-Find the right word
-Money flows toward the author, not away from the author. (Jane believes in this mantra!)

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