Saturday, January 30, 2010

BRENDA MURRAY: The Real Deal on Nonfiction

Brenda's fun show and tell is over. Now down to the business.

A few hot/popular topics in nonfiction:
  • animals
  • sharks
  • dogs
  • snakes
  • ocean life
  • mammals
  • reptiles
  • dinosaurs
  • the weather
  • space/solar system
  • war (WWII, Civil War--for older readers)

Brenda acquired projects through several avenues:
  • agents
  • published authors and illustrators
  • packagers
  • ideas generated in-house farmed out as work-for-hire

Important considerations when thinking of proposing a non-fiction project:
  • are there other things like it out there?
  • how could you book be different from the competition?
  • can it be tied to the cirriculum?
  • is the author an expert, or what credentials/ties do you bring to the table?
  • is it relevants or topical?
  • what's your age range?
  • how will the book be organized?
  • what special featurescould be included?
  • where could your book be marketed?

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