Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ari Lewin On Fantasy...

Two more great moments from Ari's session:

She spoke about how starting your fantasy story at the pivotal moment can feel abrupt.

To give a good example of how to start out your story and world build deftly, she read the opening of "Singing My Sister Down," one of the short stories from "Black Juice" the Printz Honor book by Margo Lanagan.

After she read it, she closed the book, nodded, and said:
"Find any way around exposition - just let it happen."

Ari also recommended amazing fantasy author Holly Black's website as an excellent resource for writers.

It was a great session!

--Posted by Lee Wind

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  1. Interesting. Took a workshop with Patti Gauch @ Highlights Foundation and she spent a lot of time discussing (and highlighting with many great examples) the importance of exposition within narrative.