Sunday, January 31, 2010

Agents Panel: Rosemary Stimola

Rosemary Stimola, Literary Agent, Stimola Literary Studio

"We look to build careers and not just sell a particular project."

"An agent is an important person to have on your team, so that you can do what you wish to do..."

"Everything is changing at break-neck speed...Every day there is some new change."

The lines are all blurring between audio, visual, electronic, etc. So a question agents are now asking themselves is, how do we agents look to protect you writers not only now but in the future?

Stimola Literary is considered a boutique agency. Rosemary has a lot of flexibility in her schedule because she doesn't go to an office from 9 to 5. She as a group of office mates that are elsewhere that she is able to work with via electronics.

"What you need to do as a writer, is write a kick-ass story!"

Q & A:

Lin: Do each of you believe in trends?

Rosemary: I like to set trends.

Rosemary represents Suzanne Collins who wrote the HUNGER GAMES, a dystopian story.

Lin: We have more and more publishers who don't accept unagented manuscripts, so people turn to agents but are being told agents aren't accepting new authors. Are you willing to look at people who don't have a previous track record? And what are the criteria?

Rosemary: There's nothing more exciting than finding a new and fabulous voice out there. ...Along with that, there's the knowledge that every person is deserving of your time, so it has to be thought about carefully. Can I give this person the time s/he needs and deserves?

Linn: If someone were considering working with you, what is the best way for them to inquire about that, and what questions should each of you ask each other?

Rosemary: The e-query.

(Rosemary gets an average 25-50 e-queries a day.)

In terms of making selections, it's difficult. We're looking for something that stands out somehow.

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  1. Hooray for Rosemary! The most kick-ass of agents!