Friday, January 29, 2010

A Look Inside the Writer's Intensive

I just spent the afternoon observing and thoroughly enjoying a writer's intensive. It was led by the amazing Michelle Nagler from Bloomsbury. Each of the 7 authors got to read the first pages of their manuscript and then get a critique--an extremely thorough critique from Michelle. Then the other authors--including me!--got a chance to add our thoughts.

Wow. I had a talented table. A blend of YA, MG and picture books. Authors: Bridget Casey, Priya Ardis, Christina Jespersen, Jane Makuch, Sandy Opheim, Beth Beck and Allison Keeton. Some of my favorite moments were when we'd ask the author "what happens next?" It showed how intriguing their pages were.

After the critiques we had time to all sit and discuss the business. Michelle gave us insight into the industry and helped point out things writers might not think of when they're getting ready to start querying. This was my first intensive, and I'm sure everyone at my table agreed, this face to face time was SO COMPLETLY WORTH IT!!! Thanks, gang.

-Suzanne Young


  1. Thanks for sitting in on our critique session and sharing your amazing experience with your "NAUGHTY List" series and your two new books. What a wonderful (and humbling) experience sharing stories with one another...and Michelle. Getting feedback feels like ripping off a bandaid -- painful, but oh so necessary! :)

  2. I was amazed at the variety of writers, styles, and how positive everyone was at the table. I shared many of my writing tips with my 8th grade students. Awesome stuff and highly recommended.