Sunday, January 31, 2010

Agent Panel: George Nicholson answers some of Lin's Questions

Art by one of George's clients, the always amazing Alice Provensen

Do you believe in trends?

Fashion has always been part of the publishing world, but when you take on a client, it is so personal.

Always have faith in your own judgments and instincts.

You MUST read adult books. you can't consider yourself a good writer for children if you don't read the books out there in the world.

More and more publishers are listed as not taking unsolicited proposals, but agents seem to be saying they are looking for new clients with some publishing credits. What screen do you put new clients through?

Debut, beautifully crafted novels and works are out there, just be flexible.

You all rep both authors and illustrators, yes?

I do very few picture books except with established illustrator clients. I don't do new artists, I don't know how to help them make a living outside of trade books (educational, licensing, etc.)

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