Saturday, January 30, 2010

Series Fiction with Francesco Sedita

Francesco Sedita--vice president and publisher, Grosset & Dunlap--is completely charming!! One of the things that he's focusing on right now is boy books for reluctant readers. Something that allows kids to say, "I can do this!" (reading)

He himself was a reluctant reader, which was why he really loves working on these types of books. And he believes that children's books are still selling, and they will continue to sell.

For the attendees, he had some advice: "Forget everything you've heard here--go home and write."

Focus on the story you want to tell. The rest will come later. All and all, he was inspiring and energetic. In fact, he really made me want to write MG!!

-Suzanne Young

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  1. It's so important to draw attention to reading, and attract reluctant readers to it,especially boys. In fact, I've recently completed a feature magazine article on this subject that came out in October, "Help for Struggling, Reluctant Readers."

    I grew up as a reluctant reader, in spite of the fact that my father published over 70 books. Now I write action-adventures & mysteries, especially for tween boys, that avid boy readers and girls enjoy just as much.

    My blog, Books for Boys is dedicated to drawing attention to the importance of reading. And my new book, Lost Island Smugglers - first in the Sam Butler Adventure Series - coming out in June.

    Keep up your good work.

    Max Elliot Anderson