Sunday, August 2, 2015

Susan Eaddy: #LA15SCBWI Conference Illustrator Journal

Susan Eaddy

Susan wrote this about herself:
Susan Eaddy and begins work every day with clean hands. Within 15 minutes those hands are bright green, or purple, and covered in clay! Each illustration is a discovery process as she studies nature and animals to figure out how to bring them to life in clay. Her clay critters inhabit pizza boxes in her attic studio and she’s pretty sure they play at night while the humans sleep. She loves to travel and has done school visits all over the world from Alabama to Taiwan to Brazil to Hong Kong!

She is the Illustrator Coordinator for the Midsouth and a member of the SCBWI Team Bologna.

You can find out more about Susan (and check out more of her art) at

Here's the cover of a picture book she illustrated (with clay!):

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