Sunday, February 23, 2014

The 2014 Tomie dePaola Award

Lin's introduction of Tomie is heartfelt and lovely.  He is a legend!

Tomie is speaking about why he established his award, and how he based it on an assignment - not just "show me your artwork" but "show me how you can handle an assignment."

"And I'm the only judge. Isn't that great?"

This year, Tomie gave as the assignment one of Lin's poems that he had illustrated for their latest book, "Little Poems for Tiny Ears"

The line was,

A sneeze is a breeze in your nose.

This year, there were over 200 entries!

Tomie describes what he saw from the entries overall, he lists the runner-ups and while referring to their images on the big screen behind him, explains why he liked them, and how he thinks they might improve on it.

Lisa Cinelli
Jacob Grant
Arne Dawson
Alice Ratterree
Nina Goebel

and the winner is... Akiko White (who did her illustration in CAKE!)

Akiko comes up on stage and Tomie gives her a big hug, explains why her work won, and awards her the prize!

It's CAKE - and the winning image of the 2014 Tomie dePaola Award!

Tomie then announces and explains the new assignment, too - and how it's a two step assignment.
But it's a sneak-peek for conference attendees… Look for the details to be posted at soon!

You can read more (and see the honorable mention illustrations) here.

Congratulations to Akiko and Tomie!