Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tina Wexler: Agents' Panel: Charting Your Career Path

Tina Wexler is an agent in the Literary Department of ICM Partners. She represents middle grade and young adult fiction, as well as the occasional picture book.

Tina loves being able to do passion projects that pay off.

Tina says it's in the best interest of her clients to think well beyond the book and to think about the client's career.

A big part of Tina's job is not only to work with her clients and read queries, but to read the books her colleagues are buying, as well as staying in touch with their wants and needs.

"You're writing with your heart, writing for your passion. If you are writing to pay a bill, that's not writing that's going to sell. We can see your heart on the page and it's quantifiably better because there's passion."

On how to stand out from the crowd:
It's great when you can get a little bit of the voice of your story into your query. Barry Goldblatt helps to clarify that this does not mean to write the query in the voice of your character.

If you are using social media as a part of connecting to a bigger conversation that's great. If you're using it to avoid work then it's not helpful. If you are using up time to compare yourself to others, it will make you crazy and get in the way doing your work.

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