Saturday, February 7, 2015

Portfolio Showcase observations

It's been years since I displayed my artwork in a porfolio night kind of event. Back in the day we displayed our artwork in huge 24" X 30" leather cases that weighed no less than 30 pounds and required biceps the size of watermelons in order to carry them. We've evolved since the golden ages. Following the pre-conference intensives, illustrators neatly displayed their artwork in sleek compact portfolios, not much bigger than the artwork inside. Some illustrators even decorated the covers of their portfolios with nicely illustrated images and designs. I was totally awed by the talent on display. SCBWI illustrators, you should be proud! I had a few observations as I walked the asiles overving portfolios. Here is a tip or two for displaying your art:

-Consider using portfolio cases with matte sleeves instead of glossy. See the massive chandeliers above? That's a lot of light that causes weird reflections on glossy sleeves. Artwork with matte sleeves were so much easier to observe.

-We live in a diverse society. While children's books don't often reflect that diversity, the industry is calling for more. Your portfolio (if it includes humans at all and not talking alligators) should reflect the world we live in. Actually I noticed quite a bit of diversity in the showcase. Good going, illustrators!—you got the message.

-Be neat. Most portfolios on display were neat and clean. I only noticed a couple that looked like they'd been through a bar brawl.

-Consider removing packaging and tags from portfolios. You are marketing yourself, not ITOYA.

Just my thoughts.

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