Sunday, February 8, 2015

Brenda Bowen - Agents' Panel - Charting Your Career Path

To use Lin Oliver's words, Brenda Bowen is a "guiding light" in our industry.

She has headed up the children's book division of several publishing companies, including Simon & Schuster. A few years back, Brenda became an agent with Greenburger Associates. Today, her clients include Samantha Berger, Tim Federle, Hilary Knight, Mike Curato, and many, many more.

But that's not all! Brenda has written picture books and novels under the name Margaret McNamara, and she's also the author of a novel for adults coming out in June called ENCHANTED AUGUST. So, yes. She's pretty much a luminary in every way.

She moderated the agents' panel, asking questions such as these:
  • Do agents actually help authors and artists with their career paths? Or do you just make deals? 
  • How do you get an illustrator's work in front of people? 
  • How do agents feel about writers who write across multiple genres? 
To find out the answers, check out recaps of Barry Goldblatt's comments, Jennifer Laughran's comments, and Tina Wexler's comments.

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