Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to the 13th Annual SCBWI Conference from NYC

The ballroom here at Hyatt Grand Central is thrumming, anticipating the start of the 13th Annual NYC conference. 

Co-founder, Stephen Mooser, welcomes the room and is disappointed about the lack of a standing ovation. My guess is that he'll be receiving one soon. 

The room is filled with lucky attendees who didn't get shut out of the excitement, as the conference sold out two weeks ago. For those of you who were not able to join us, we're so glad that you can here on the official conference blog.

A warm welcome to Steve's co-founder, Lin Oliver. Within one sentence Lin has the room in stitches. 

Who are the lucky 1148 attending?
301 are published
847 aspiring
392 woman
76 men
The rest are "unknown"
857 writers
400-and-something illustrators
From 19 countries
Representing 49 of the 50 states 

Lin just informed the room that following the panel there will be a SPECIAL GUEST! *gasp* Stay tuned here to find out who it is.

We hope you'll say hello in the comments as we make our way through the weekend, and follow along on twitter. The official hashtag is #ny12scbwi.


  1. I attended the last two winter conferences, but unfortunately could not afford to go this year and I'm having withdrawal symptoms not being there! I'm living vicariously through your blog posts and the twitter feed. Thanks for providing your coverage through this forum!

  2. Glad you can join us here, Vincent. Hopefully next year.