Saturday, January 28, 2012

International Attendees Social

There are 32 regional chapters outside the United States, and this year's conference brought in attendees from 20 countries. Saturday night's International Attendees Social gave those attendees a chance to meet and mingle. 

Christopher Chang 
Christopher Chang, who is a regional advisor for Australia/New Zealand, an SCBWI board member, and a former member-of-the-year welcomed the group. He shared information about their regional chapters. The group also shared good news coming from the international members. Good news all sounds so much more exciting with accents. 

Germany's Regional Advisors: Donna Weidner & Kirsten Carlson 

You've got to love that the regional advisors from Germany came in traditional costume. 


  1. Way to represent, Donna & Kirsten!

  2. Wir hatten viele chocolade (Rittersport) auch gegeben [We gave away awesome-super-tasty Rittersport chocolate too!]

  3. Danke! It was a wonderful way to pay tribute to Donna and her Bavaraian Herzheim, i think we may have started a trend

  4. Danke! It was a wonderful way to bid farewell to Donna as she heads to her next adventure in San Fransciso, we will miss her in Deutschland!