Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jane Yolen Announces A New Grant For Mid-List Authors... And the 2012 Winners!

Congratulations to Mary K. Whittington for winning this year's inaugural Jane Yolen Mid-List Author grant!  A published author who hasn't had a new book come out in a while, Mary recently had a stroke, and is halfway through writing a new novel using voice recognition software.  Jane calls Mary her hero, and hopes the grant helps her get that novel finished and out into the world.

And our cheers as well to Ann Whitford Paul and Barbara Diamond Golden for their honor grants.

More information about the Jane Yolen Mid-List Author Grant (and how to nominate a mid-list author you know for next year) will be forthcoming on, where you'll find information on all the author and illustrator Grants and Awards.


  1. Hooray! What a gracious thing to do, Jane, and the honorees are so deserving.

  2. Oh my! I am in awe of Mary for writing a book via voice recognition.

    Thanks Jane for giving writers a boost!

  3. Such a wonderful gift, Jane! Congratulations to all with wishes for great new successes!

  4. So great to have Jane Yolen do the honors
    and get to experience it (here for those
    of us not in NY). Congrats to the winners,
    especially my friend Ann !!!