Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nancy Paulsen: Children's Books Today and Tomorrow

Nancy Paulsen is President and Publisher of Nancy Paulsen Books at Penguin Young Readers Group. She's on the panel Children’s Books Today and Tomorrow—Four Expert Impressions.

One of the first things Nancy mentioned was that she loves the depth of the Penguin backlist. She feels that Penguin has always championed their midlist, and even considers it some of their best works. Nancy looks for authors with a compelling voice, and she even found four authors through SCBWI.

Nancy said that social media can address issues in publishing. Just recently there was a campaign to support local bookstores. So if you’re on twitter, see who’s talking and join the conversation.

When asked if she’s seen significant changes in the market, Nancy said that there are still great opportunities in picture books. Electronic books with bells and whistles haven’t broken out yet, so the picture book form is alive and well.

And Nancy's one piece of writing advice: READ

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