Saturday, January 28, 2012

Illustrator Social

Lots of fun last night in the Illustrator Social's packed conference room. Here's the first minute or so of the social with Cecilia Yung telling us about some SCBWI success stories:

Here's Debbie Ridpath Ohi talking about her SCBWI success story. Cecilia Yung holds up a copy of the fruits of that success story, I'M BORED, out soon!

Here's Fred Koehler talking about his SCBWI success story and a snapshot of his forthcoming DAD'S BAD DAY.

Here's some bloke named Peter Brown looking amazed at all the great illustrators in the room and the fact that someone had brought a giant bottle of vodka to share.

Let's have more of these! Thanks to all the illustrators for attending and thanks to the Illustrator Committee for making it happen.

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