Saturday, January 28, 2012

Arianne Lewin: Fantasy

An exciting breakout session focusing on fantasy with editor Arianne Lewin. Ari is an executive editor at GP Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers.

After giving a quick overview of the different types of fantasy--Magical Realism, YA Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy and Dark Fantasy among others--Ari talked about trends and how authors shouldn't write to them. By the time a book catches on with consumers, it might be too late to start. If you do, it has to be a passion. As an editor she wants an experience, so tell a great story.

Ari then passed out some first pages for the attendees to look over and discuss. She also shared some of the specific types of books she's looking for.


  1. Great class Ari - thank you.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful session, Ari! You'd be my dream editor to work with.

  3. This session would have been great for everyone, not just fantasy writers. It showed what made three powerful novel openings "work." On-the-fly characterization, hints of menace, and integrated engaging settings pull the reader in, but leave room to build. A great book starts with a scene that is more important than the reader knows. Love the way you engaged us, Ari!

  4. Yes and I love that Ari qualified the fact that you do not have to throw all and any magic or fantasy right up front! Let it unfold. It was very reassuring. The examples she gave in hand out form were some of my favorites!