Friday, January 27, 2012

How Did It Go? Impressions from the Writers Roundtable Intensive

The agents and editors sitting at each table are a who's-who of Children's Literature...  and one of the most exciting aspects of this day is getting immediate feedback from them on your work.  No waiting for weeks, or months.  No pitch, or query letter, or assistant who needs to read it first.  Just your 500 words, and their honest (and kind) and helpful critique.

The faculty participating, including and of the caliber of Michelle Nagler, Samantha McFerrin, Nancy Conescu, Tina Wexler, Jordan Brown, Alexandra Penfold and Kate Sullivan!

Truly an amazing opportunity.  Here are some post-critique thoughts by some of the Writers Roundtable Intensive attendees:

"It makes you realize how every word counts."
-Cynthia Shannon

"The caliber of writing at the table was really impressive, and I was encouraged to be among such great writers."
-Kathy Higgs-Couthard

"I'm no longer scared to put myself out there.  The editor told me what I needed to know, which is what I came for."
-Yvonne Hagan

"Listening to the editor's critique to everyone else I learned so much.  And of course I learned a lot from her critique of my work, too."
- Cathy Elliott

"It's a much more safe place to put forth your work than I thought going into it.  Very constructive criticism and very helpful.  I think it's invaluable."
- Jay Apking


  1. Loved it! Thanks to all the volunteers.

  2. So much great information, warm people and fun!