Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sonya Sones: Unlocking the Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Sonya Sones is the award-winning author of sixYA novels in verse, as well as one for adults which was optioned by Michelle Phieffer.

Sonya reads to a captivated breakout attendees.
Sonya reads the poem she wrote in a Myra Cohn Livingston class. The poem kicked off her career. When Myra read the poem she told Sonya, "I've been expecting's always the funny ones who hide a deeper layer of pain."

The unconscious mind is the part of mind you aren't aware of but can have a direct effect.

This above mentioned poem which came from the unconscious mind became part of Sonya's Stop Pretending. More of these stories have remained in her unconscious and have found their way into other books.

"You can't creep up on your unconscious, it has to creep up on you...It's a way to complete unfinished business."

Sonya passes out sleep masks and earplugs for a moment of rest and then we'll write and see what comes out.

Earplugs and sleep masks placed, and the resting begins.

Upon waking, we all spent 10 minutes writing. A truly powerful and transformative experience for those here. I think I can safely say on behalf of those sharing this experience, "Thank you, Sonya"

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