Sunday, January 30, 2011

Patti Ann Harris: What Makes Your Work Publishable

Patti Ann Harris's session highlighted picture books from Little, Brown from the last two years, a real range in a variety of topics and artists that she works with. She wanted illustrators to see the catergories they publish into and hopes it inspires people to consider working in similar categories.

Patti Ann, first and foremost, says that it takes head and heart to drive a project to publication, and you need both.

NONFICTION BIOGRAPHIES: Schools need them, libraries love them, and kids love learning history through picture books and it turns them on to longer biographies.

Bob Dylan turns 70, anniversary moments are great, Grandparents might know Woody Guthrie, parents Dylan, so two groups of book buyers will be intrigued by this book.

Story of Jane Goodall. The image on cover is lifted from photo of her as a young girl with her stuffed animal monkey! If you have a dream and want to achieve something you go for it. This book will inspire kids to do that, says Patti Ann.
DAVE THE POTTER (Caldecott Honor winner)
You can take well known characters like Dylan, or relative unknowns like Dave the Potter and bring them to light. How did this book happen? The author was at a conference and heard a bit about Dave and saw one of the pots on Antique Roadshow and had to know more. Illustrator also did amazing research for this book. Patti Ann says it has so many levels of interest and is a great example of nonfiction done beautifully for children.

FORMAT BUSTERS: What are you doing to the book? Patti Ann loves the idea of taking the book and enhancing your story or character by manipulating the actual, physical book.

GO AWAY, BIG GREEN MONSTER Is a total favorite. Sometimes a book idea comes from another book, seeds are planted--pop-up TRUCKS GO POP had a promotional poster that Patti Ann and her colleagues couldn't stop staring at. That poster turned into a seek and find format book called LOOK! A BOOK!

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