Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lisa Sandell: What Makes Your Work Publishable

Lisa Sandell is an executive editor at Scholastic Inc., where she focuses her attention on acquiring and editing middle grade and young adult hardcover novels for Scholastic Press, and she manages the Dear America series. 

With so much negative currently being said about the industry, Sandell sees a lot pointing to the light ahead.


*Accessibility is revolutionary. When someone mentions a book, instead of finding a scrap of paper and jotting it down (to be lost in the bottom of your purse), a person can pull out an electronic device (like the ipad) and instantly own the book.

*New concepts in publishing, like the 39 CLUES series.

*Readers can now connect with authors easily.

No new technology has every obliterated the need for storytelling. Quite the opposite.

What kind of books will succeed in this bright new future?

Some examples from Lisa list:

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