Friday, January 28, 2011

What is it like to be in one of the Friday Intensives?

A note to all those not attending this year's conference: I am sorry, we wish you were here.

Maybe you would like some sensory details of this morning's intensives?

SEE: It might be hard to tell from the photo, but the ballrooms are decorated in Shabby Chic Bug Cocoon. Or like we are in a really fashionable beehive. Or nostril. I think we made all these jokes last year.

HEAR: Another conference going on here concurrently that does a lot of applauding and singing of the national anthem.

TOUCH: SCREEN! Lots of App talk for the Illustrators Intensive.

SMELL: This morning there was delicious free coffee, fresh bagels and loads of shmears. But then there was also this plate of onions.

TASTE: Unless you ate the onions and can only taste old onion, most everyone else is tasting POSSIBILITY! Which tastes like a cross between cotton candy and Four Loko.

No, really, feedback on your manuscripts in the Writers Intensive and groovy insights into app-making, licensing and beyond the book topics for illustrators is making for a truly invigorating Friday that we wish you were here for, too.

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