Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The #SCBWISummerSpec Portfolio Showcase Winners!

In the words of Sarah Baker, SCBWI's Associate Executive Director:
"We decided to double the awards this year. We had 477 participants. The four honor winners each receive $200 for art supplies and one zoom meeting with an art director, and the two grand prize winners each receive $1000 for art supplies and three zoom meetings with art directors.

The judges were:
Shadra Strickland, author-illustrator, professor at MICA, and agent with Painted Words, Jasmin Rubero, art director at Kokila, Saho Fuji, art director at Little Brown, Rebecca Syracuse, designer at Simon & Schuster, and Ellice Lee, art director at Philomel."

And the honorees are


The Portfolio Showcase Honorees are Kayla Harren, Leanne Hatch, Rob Sayegh Jr., and Marissa Valdez!

And the winners are (you know what to do!)


The Grand Prize Winners are Jenin Mohammed and Neha Rawat!

Portfolio Showcase Grand Prize Winners Jenin Mohammed (lower left) and Neha Rawat (lower right), seen with SCBWI's Sarah Baker (upper left) with interpreter Jennye Kamin (upper right).

Jenin, Neha, Kayla, Leanne, Rob and Marissa's winning portfolios will be at the top of the showcase page (click here) and the whole showcase will be up for all of August.

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