Sunday, February 14, 2016

Our Open Call #NY16SCBWI Conference Illustrator Journals!

For the last few conferences, we've been asking a handful of illustrators to share a page from their conference journals/sketchbooks of something that inspired them during the conference. (You can see some recent entries here.)

The idea is that it gives illustrators a spotlight, and shares a multi-faceted visual take on all the craft, inspiration, business, community and opportunity of an SCBWI conference!

This time around, we're changing it up, opening it up, to ANY and EVERY illustrator attending #NY16SCBWI who wants to take part.

Just add a link to your image that you've posted somewhere online here in comments. It's that easy!

Remember to SIGN your artwork
(including your website so you can be contacted if someone falls in love with your illustration.)

Ready? Set? Illustrate!


  1. A lil portrait of Lin Oliver. ;D

  2. Notes from Giuseppe Castellano breakout session:

  3. Bill Joyce (mostly):

  4. This is awesome. I always do super illustrated notes, sadly I missed this year, but so cool. I can't wait to see what everyone does!

  5. This one was more of a doodle than an illustration :-)