Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hey nerds! How about some conference statistics?

Children's authors and illustrators are well known around the world for their love of math, which is why we start each conference with some statistics about our attendees.

Here's how this New York international conference breaks down:

  • 1,151 attendees - a record numer
  • 337 are published authors and illustrators
  • 813 pre-published

Yes, we know these numbers don't quite add up. "We're one number off and I'm damn proud of it," SCBWI founder Lin Oliver said.

Attendees travel from 48 states. The missing ones? Hawaii and North Dakota.

They also traveled from 19 countries including the United States.

And we come from many different professional backgrounds, including a ventriloquist, a psychic, and a dressage trainer. (But these are not the same person.)

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