Saturday, July 31, 2010

Willim Low- Pushing Pixels: Picture Book Illustration in the Digital Age

To start the fourth session off, William Low gives us a glimpse into the life of an illustrator—he takes us through a picture book he worked on (very beautiful, and created completely in Photoshop). When he was almost finished with the artwork, he and the editor realized that the main character wasn't quite right, and almost every piece needed to be re-worked. A good reminder that creating a picture book is hard work, even for very experienced illustrators!

With a step-by-step hand out to refer to, Low takes us through some very useful processes in Photoshop, such as working with line art and creating digital collages by pasting textures and patterns into line drawings.

Low has been great throughout the session about reviewing this technical information thoroughly and taking time to make sure everyone in the class is understanding all of the steps.

In his Sunday session, he'll be talking about some really important topics for any illustrator who is or will be turning art in digitally.

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