Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tomie de Paola Award Winner

The guy that put the I in SCBWI (no, really!), that dynamo Tomie de Paola, is here today to present the award in person!

Tomie explains the origin of his award, he adorably describes it as coming out of a vodka fury. If you aren't here, you are missing a fantastic speaker and personality, but I can make you feel less left out...

You know Tomie has a SCBWI Master Class DVD? It's worth every penny, you'll want to play it again and again. AND you all need to get Barbara Elleman's biography of Tomie, actually, go ahead and buy every available Barbara Elleman book you can.

This year's assignment was to do a black and white illustration from one of three novels. Tomie explains how difficult it is to make a good black and white illustration, and then gives some group critiques to the 320 entrants. If you haven't visited it, the Unofficial TdP Gallery blog is SO AWESOME. Check out the gorgeous work everyone did, kudos to them all for doing an assignment on a deadline, and big thanks to Diandra Mae for making the site!

Here're the works he liked very much, and that's what the award is, whatever Tomie likes best. It's wonderful to hear what he likes about the pieces, this is a little master class all by itself, guys, and another reason to attend the conference in person. There are so many hidden opportunities to have your mind blown at events like this. But I digress, here are the honors:

Brent Beck, Anni Matsick, Bradley Cooper, Stephen Ingram, Sarah Dvojack, Alice Ratagerry (sp?), Andrea Lawson

And the winner is....

Sandra Ure Griffin!

Tomie's next assignment will come this fall, get your butts in your chair, everybody, and... hold on to them?

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