Sunday, February 3, 2013

The 2013 Jane Yolen Mid-List Author Grant

Jane Yolen onstage presenting the grant she established for Mid-List authors

Jane starts by speaking about being a re-starter, and what to do if you're a midlist author (after defining what a 'midlist' author is!)

Even with Owl Moon and the How Do Dinosaurs series, she says

"I still get lots of rejections.  It goes with the territory."  

Even with over 300 books published, she herself has 30 unsold picture book manuscripts!

"All of us, we writers and illustrators are in this together. And when we get somewhere, we must give forward, and give back."

Jane teamed up with SCBWI to say to published mid-list authors, "We honor you.  We recognize you.  We are still paying attention to your work.  And we want to help..."

And so she gives back, with her Jane Yolen Mid-List Author Grant.

The two honor winners are...

Barbara Shook Hazen


Margo Lemieux

and the WINNER is

Valiska Gregory!!!

Valiska onstage being cheered on for winning the Jane Yolen Mid-List Author Grant

We'll be profiling the honorees and winner on SCBWI: The Blog in the coming weeks!  You can find out details (and how to nominate a mid-list author you know) for the 2014 Jane Yolen Mid-List Author Grant here!

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