Sunday, February 21, 2021

Thank You, and Save The Dates For The SCBWI Summer 2021 Conference: July 30, 31 and August 1 (New Dates as of March 15, 2021)

On behalf of all the team bloggers for this conference, Debbie Ohi, Lakita Wilson, Don Tate, Jolie Stekly, Jaime Temairik, and myself, Lee Wind, thanks for following along!

awesome graphic by Debbie Ohi - thanks, Debbie!

And save the dates for the SCBWI Summer 2021 conference. It's going to be virtual. And it's going to be an incredible celebration of 50 years of SCBWI!

Until then, stay safe, and Illustrate, Translate, and Write On!


  1. Is there a registration for the Summer Conference 2021? I don't see a participation cost. Could you give a bit more information, please? Thank you!

  2. Hi - registration hasn't opened yet... Stay tuned here and at
    Thanks, and stay safe,

  3. Thanks Lee for providing info on the SCBWI Summer Conference. It wasn't easy to find info on the SCBWI website. I'm going to CA anyway—even if it's online. See you on screen.