Sunday, February 21, 2021

AGENT PANEL - Real Talk with Four Agents: Erica Rand Silverman

Erica Rand Silverman is a senior agent at Stimola Literary Studio, a boutique agency that Rosemary Stimola founded about twenty years ago, and has a much-celebrated client list. Stimola Literary Studio is passionate about building careers. Erica has been with the Studio for five years. 

It's personally important to Erica to be awake in this world: to see the wonders and the beauty and even the ugliness. To see the good and the bad. All that is happening to us all the time, and all those really big feeling that come with it. 

Erica feels lucky to work with kids' books, which help kids work through all of that, and she loves working with the writers and illustrators who create those books. 

Erica mostly represents picture books. She loves the interactions between illustration and text.  And Erica has found some of her clients right here at SCBWI. 

In terms of illustration Erica looks for very distinct art styles for illustrators.

She also loves fiction and nonfiction stories that are honest and true to human nature and our lives.

THE BEAR AND THE MOON by her client Matthew Burgess is a good indication of what she looks for.

Erica also represents the author of the bestselling I AM HUMAN series. 

And, as a former teacher, Erica loves books that segue well into the classroom, like MAPPING SAM.

Erica reassures those who are not yet published: "Being a debut is a great place to begin. Know that it works in your favor...Be encouraged if you are unpublished." 

Beyond the typical work she does with submissions and contracts for her clients, Erica puts a lot of effort behind working with her clients on marketing and publicity. She also helps them navigate it all, the many moving pieces and parts of publishing. 

A final takeaway: "It's never too early to get engaged in the industry." 

Erica says a book that will give you a great sense of what she looks for is BLUE, BARRY, AND PANCAKES by Dan & Jason (out soon). There's a great sense of play, and the way you can have fun with your work. Erica recommends to everyone: PLAY YOUR WAY IN!

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