Sunday, February 21, 2021

AGENT PANEL - Real Talk with Four Agents: Saba Sulaiman

Saba Sulaiman is an agent at Talcott Notch Literary Services, a boutique agency located in Milford, CT.

The agency includes Saba and a couple of other agents that work independently with nonfiction, fiction, adult, and children's books. Saba started building her list about five years ago, and she is primarily building the children's list for her agency. 

Saba looks for stories she wishes to champion, stories that showcase the individual and also the world around them. She feels books are a heartwarming way to connect us all through storytelling, and that children are particularly receptive to differences and that they also tend to embrace silliness and absurdity as simple matter of fact.

"We read to understand ourself by understanding others."

Saba represents picture books, middle grade, YA, as well as some chapter books (but mostly clients she already represents). She loves stories with heart, stories with certain sense of urgency, high concept, whimsy, word play, structural experimentation, humor (she notes there is space for humor in everything), honest storytelling, books that open conversations with children, and diversity and inclusivity in all forms. 

Saba has found clients at SCBWI. 

Some authors she represents:

Cathleen Barnhart

Rosiee Thor

Saira Mir

Shelly Anand

Every agent's perspective is different concerning a full list or how big a list they want to have. Saba has about 25 clients right now. 

As a final takeaway, Saba shares that when you're writing, the best way to find success is to be vulnerable and honest. She also suggests that we all should ask ourselves hard and important questions about the kind of people we are and the challenges we will have to face on this journey. 

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