Saturday, November 7, 2020

Thank yous and conference wrap up!

Clockwise from top right: Lin Oliver, Laurie Miller, Julian Petri, Jill Corcoran, and sign language interpreter Brian Truitt.

Lin wraps things up, agreeing with Elizabeth Partridge, 

"We hold the future in our hands, because we hold the children in our hands." 

Jill Corcoran from the Smithsonian zooms back in for the finale, saying of Elizabeth's keynote, "I have chills..." And she invites all of us to come to as we research our future books. 

Lin shouts out to conference organizer Laurie Miller, conference zoom producer Julian Petri, and the entire SCBWI staff, the event's sign language interpreters, and all of us attendees for taking two days for this experience, telling us:

"We believe every single one of us has the capability to great work, we're a community, and we support each other."

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