Friday, November 6, 2020

Lin Oliver's welcome to the Nonfiction Workshop

SCBWI's Lin Oliver (top), and sign language interpreter Jennye Kamin

Lin (top) welcomes the audience of 757 attendees (plus 27 faculty)! 325 of we attendees are published, a total of 1,543 books to our credit - as Lin puts it, "that's a school library!" We come from 49 states in the US (including the District of Columbia) and 21 countries around the world.

Lin shares with us how this conference came about, with the help of nonfiction author Melissa Stewart, editor Melissa Manlove, and Jill Corcoran, Director of Licensed Publishing at the Smithsonian.

Jill (whose background includes being an author and a literary agent) introduces the first keynote speaker, Eduardo Díaz, Director, Smithsonian Latino Center.

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